From the Statgasm! Survey: What Are Men’s and Women’s Favorite Sexual Positions? The Answers May Surprise You

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is the first of what will be a series of upcoming posts analyzing results from the Statgasm! sex survey. Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill it out. A refreshed version is up right now and can be found here.

One of the questions asked users to rank the 4 most common sexual positions in order of preference: Missionary, Doggy Style (man from behind), Girl on Top (girl facing man / Cowgirl), and Girl on Top (girl facing away from man / reverse cowgirl). Only answers from respondents identifying themselves as heterosexual were included since it was the only group with a large enough sample size for meaningful analysis.

I’ve often heard that doggy style is men’s favorite position–it’s definitely mine. Doggy style allows for a large range of motion in terms of thrusting and there’s just something so primal about it that drives guys crazy (it is how most animals have sex after all) . I’m 13 years into my sexual career and to this day every time I get into the doggy style position with a partner I think to myself: “I can’t believe she is letting me do this to her.”

Another less obvious but significant benefit of the doggy style position for men is that since we’re not facing our partner, we’re free to make our weird sex face. Ah yes, our weird sex face; a face all men make at the height of passion when we truly let our guards down. It usually only gets seen if a man catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror while masturbating. We typically don’t like to reveal it to partners; we have our reasons. For one, it’s not attractive at all! The other reasons involve a combination of machismo and self-consciousness. Anyways, the point is, doggy style is typically the position where a guy can completely let loose.

For a lot of the same reasons why guys like it so much, I had always heard that doggy style was not women’s favorite position; you may be under a similar impression. The reasons typically provided are: the position lacks intimacy, has limited to no clitoral contact, and the deep thrusting angle can cause a woman pain. However, what’s been a pleasant surprise to me is how many of my partners (not exactly a big sample size though) have revealed to me that they love when a man takes them from behind. They’ve told me that they actually do love the thrusting angle and primal nature of the position. And the lack of clitoral stimulation thing? Well, it turns out that women have a free hand and can easily stimulate their clitoris if they choose while enjoying the position.

In discussing the topic with my female friends, they’ve told me that a lot of women are reluctant to reveal a preference for the doggy style position because they don’t want to come off as “slutty”–especially early on in a relationship. Apparently a lot of women truly love the position, but only once they’ve established intimacy with a partner. That makes sense! Anyways, let’s see what Statgasm! readers ranked as their favorite sexual position.




What men said…

Survey says…doggy style! As I predicted (even though I already knew the answer), doggy style was the most preferred position by men, with 43% of male respondents ranking the position as their most preferred.  Missionary came in second, preferred by 29% and girl on top (cowgirl) came in third with 26% of men ranking it as their favorite. I’m honestly surprised that only 2% of men said they preferred girl on top (reverse cowgirl)–that’s a good position dammit! It’s basically the lazy man’s doggy style, as the man gets the best view of his partner’s backside while he lays back and enjoys the show. He’s also free to make his weird sex face, just like with doggy. It’s also the easiest position to check his phone, in case he needs to…but you shouldn’t do that.

What women said…

As I (not so) brilliantly foreshadowed in the opening paragraphs of this post, women also preferred doggy style, but in an even greater proportion than men! Half of female respondents ranked that position as their most preferred, followed by girl on top (cowgirl) and missionary. Not a single women selected girl on top (reverse cowgirl) as their favorite.

I was blown away that a greater proportion of women preferred doggy style than men. It’s fantastic news for coitus-having heterosexual couples around the world. What do you think of the results? Let me know in the comment section below and don’t forget to fill out the new and improved Statgasm! Survey.

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