From the Statgasm! Survey: What are friends for? Where we lose our virginity

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he¬†recent publishing of a study called: “Sexual Behavior in Parked Cars Reported by Midwestern College Men and Women” brought up a lot of memories of my first sexual experiences, most of which took place in a parked car. Living at home in a house of 5 people during your high school years leaves you with few options. My first kiss, first time rounding 1st base, and first time sliding into¬†2nd base all took place in a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix.

I’ll discuss the parked car study in a future post because it’s pretty interesting, but what reading that study actually stirred up for me was memories of my first time–yes, my quest to pop my cherry! The awkwardness that you see portrayed in movies of teenagers’ first times (which seems over the top), I assure you cannot compete with the laborious and bewildering process I went through to finally cross the goal line. I want to focus this post on a question that appeared on the Statgasm! Sex Survey (and still does) about where we lost our virginity.

Coming up with the multiple choice answers to the question also brought up memories of my first time. This is because I had several close calls and misfires at all different kinds of locations. My first attempt was actually on a dock; a terrible decision for late October as the weather was way too cold. The only penetration that took place that night was the pieces of wood that splintered into my ass! My second attempt was in a car (too cramped), third attempt was my parents basement (got interrupted), before finally I struck pay dirt at my friends house during a party. Let’s see what Statgasm! readers said.

The most common location to lose our virginity is our friend’s house, with 39% of the responses. Second place is our own house followed by our parents house. In somewhat of an upset, ‘outside’ came in forth, with 9% of people saying they lost their virginity in the great outdoors (hopefully they had better luck than I did). Hotel and car came in with 8% each.


What do you think of the results? Am I missing any locations? If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to fill out the refreshed Statgasm! survey and stay tuned for more analysis of answers in upcoming posts.

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